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Who Are We?

About Garli Eco Solutions

Garli Eco Solutions is an Aboriginal owned company that is committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting green energy solutions. With a strong passion for sustainability, the Directors of Garli Eco Solutions, Darren Lundberg and Michael Barlow, are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to achieve their goals.

The mission and values of Garli Eco Solutions reflect their deep commitment to the environment and the well-being of communities. In particular, they are driven by a strong passion to provide sustainable green energy solutions to the Aboriginal communities living in remote areas. This passion is deeply rooted in their belief that access to reliable and clean energy is a fundamental right that should be enjoyed by all members of society, regardless of their geographical location or socioeconomic status. By prioritising the needs of these communities and working closely with them, they aim to make a significant positive impact on the local environment, promote social equity, and foster sustainable development.

Our Capability Partners

Seneca Environmental

Seneca Environmental is a renewable energy developer and climate consultancy owned and controlled by the Seneca Nation. Our mission is to profitably and equitably deploy and invest in innovative climate solutions that heal the Earth.

The Seneca Nation is a leader in Native energy, with advanced community wind and solar projects operating to lower the bills of Seneca Nation members and benefit the Nation as a whole.

Garli Eco About Seneca
Garli Eco About RI

Renewable Innovations

Renewable Innovations was born out of the need to do something different in the world to reduce carbon emissions while strengthening power independence by utilizing Hydrogen and Hydrogen Fuel Cells in a new and exciting way.

Our energy systems are designed as plug- and-play, green energy solutions. They are scalable and intended for a wide variety of existing applications looking to convert to a carbon-free footprint.

Zero Emission Advisors

Zero Emission Advisors (ZEA) is an industry leading consultancy specializing in the decarbonization of logistics and industrial activity. ZEA’s team has extensive experience in the development and commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell and other zero emission technologies for medium- and heavy-duty applications.

ZEA’s team works closely with indigenous communities to support greater equity based participation in the rapidly evolving new-energy economy. This involves supportive technical and commercial services ranging from engineering to market development and financing solutions.  

Garli Eco About ZEA