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Oasis Islander


The Oasis Islander is very quick to deploy and connect (grid-tie) to your existing utility power network or install in complete ‘island’ mode (off-grid). Multiple units can be connected together to expand your power options and/or enable flexibility for future growth. Utilising the latest lithium-ion battery storage, high power inverters, and power management systems/software, you will have a reliable power storage solution.

Oasis Islander Station

Scalable Solutions

The standard Oasis Islander models can be customised to meet your exact requirements.  Different standard sizes are available to match your space and power requirements or totally customized sizes can be engineered.

Oasis Islander 10

10' Unit

Oasis Islander 20

20' Unit

Oasis Islander 30

30' Unit

Oasis Islander 40

40' Unit

Charging Options

As the site circumstances allow, there are a number of additional options available to provide renewable charging options for the Oasis Islander.

Solar Array – Standard panels will provide fixed position charging during sunny daylight.

Solarflower – Smart panels will offer variable position charging to maximize the available sunshine.

Wind Turbines – have the capacity to assist with unit recharging 24 hours a day (subject to weather conditions)

Hydrogen Fuel Cells – will deliver large amounts of recharge power when all other renewable sources have become unavailable.

Solar Array
Solar Flower
Wind Turbines
Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Enhanced Grid – The use of large-scale batteries is a great replacement for existing supply and can help in the reduction of noise and negative greenhouse emissions.

Solar Input – Solar panels are the natural companion to the Oasis Power Module. There is space on the container structure to install permanent panels and remote arrays.

Hydrogen Power – Increase the carbon-free system credentials by using hydrogen fuel cells to generate the power that is stored in these battery modules.

Islander Cleaner
Islander Versatile


Microgrids – Expand your power storage capacity and enable cheaper or more accessible power to be used at more costly times of the day.

UPS – With the addition of the Oasis to your existing power infrastructure, the incorporated inverters and battery can provide emergency power to your facility in the case of a power cut.

Power Conversion – The Oasis Islander converts single-phase low voltage to 3 phase 480 VAC for high power EV chargers.

Faster & Cheaper

Quick Installation – The system is all self-contained and once delivered, the Oasis Islander will be up and running in minutes.

Remote Deployment – The Oasis Islander are easily loaded on trucks and delivered to your site – wherever it is!

Save $$$ – Charge your Oasis batteries when your power is cheapest (at night) and then deliver high-power EV rapid charging during your peak times without overloading your existing grid connection or requiring peak usage fees.

Islander Faster