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Mobile Energy Command - Solar


This 53-foot mobile power system is designed and manufactured by Renewable Innovations, and includes the revolutionary SmartFlower solar panels that follow the sun from sunrise to sunset. This maximises the amount of solar energy stored in the large capacity onboard battery.

MEC Solar Utah
MEC Solar Storage

Large Scale Storage

Our Mobile Energy Command – Solar (MEC-Solar) has a powerful storage capability allowing us to harness yesterday’s sun!

The 53-foot mobile power system features a control enclosure lined with high-density solar panels combined with “follow-the-sun” Smart flowers on each side to collectivity deliver 50 KW of peak power. 

Did you know? That’s enough power for 6-8 homes per day!

Multiple Benefits

 The MEC-Solar system has countless benefits to meet your needs. Benefits include: low to no signature, silent operation, no emitting fumes, compact footprint, primary or backup power, scalable for small or large events, and safety protection in strong winds.

MEC Solar Benefits