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Mobile Energy Command - H2EV


Now you can get all the power you need, anywhere you want, and meet your environmental and sustainability commitments. Replace your diesel generators with our Mobile Energy Command (MEC) fueled by green, renewable Hydrogen.

MEC H2EV Rebelle Rally

Cleaner Power

Built-In Hydrogen – A large store of Hydrogen is safely built into the MEC-H2EV trailer. The latest technology in gas pressure tanks provides efficient and safe storage of this renewable fuel.

Fuel Cell Up To 640kWh – The key to this renewable power source are the Hydrogen Fuel Cells that turns Hydrogen into electricity, are almost silent when operating, and the only exhaust is pure water (no dangerous fumes or chemicals).

Clean Energy Globe
Faster Charging RI

EV Charging

As the production of EV cars and trucks continues to grow, the likelihood of needing emergency power to charge EVs continues to grow. The MEC-H2 has an option to include RAPID EV charging stations on the back (MEC-H2EV), so you can recharge EVs at super quick speeds – less than 20min.

Other EV charging stations simply can’t charge vehicles this quickly. And when was the last time you saw a mobile EV charging station driving to your local concert? It’s one more way we’re eliminating range anxiety for EV owners.

Faster Charging

Raid EV Charger 200-400kW – The MEC-H2EV can include rapid EV charge stations with a single or double power outlets enabling you to recharge EVs at super quick speeds.

Green Backup & UPS Power – With a continuous or refilled supply of green Hydrogen, the Empower 1.5 MW will deliver continuous ‘green’ power to your facility.

Lithium-ion Battery Rated 440+ kWh – The integrated 440kWh battery provides a powerful and crucial energy reserve that is integral to the high charge capacity.

DC To AC Conversion – The fuel cells deliver about 400 VDC that is then converted to the required voltage with the on-board inverters and power converters.

Rapid Charging H2EV

Use Cases

MEC Construction


When you need remote power on a construction site, you can still do this with green Hydrogen energy.

MEC Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Critical power needs for emergency services are made carbon-free with minimum noise.

MEC Remote EV Charging

Remote EV Charging

Can be deployed to wheverer you need to charge EV vehicles.

MEC Public Events

Public Events

Large power needs are managed with parallel expandability to power EV charging, food services, lights and public address systems – and they are all clean and quiet.

MEC Safety

Security & Safety

Emergencies never happen at convenient times, so having a reliable Hydrogen powered supply is crucial.

MEC Movie Set

Movie Sets

When your large scale power is required to be silent for the camera too, Hydrogen Fuel Cells are the way.