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Empower Stationary
Power Generators (SPG)


As we head towards a renewable energy future. You can replace diesel generators with power systems fueled by green, renewable Hydrogen.

Packed inside their small footprint is a silent power system that uses Hydrogen Fuel Cells to deliver clean power and the waste exhaust is pure water.

A portable power supply can be used in a wide variety of situations as well as being stored and maintained for emergencies that could be in any number of locations. Whether it is an outdoor public event, for carbon-free power to accompany emergency services, a central power source on a construction site or to provide emergency additional power for a critical facility, the SPG is an ideal match.


80kW Fuel Cell

The key to this renewable power source is the Hydrogen Fuel Cell. This proven technology delivers almost silent operation and turns Hydrogen gas into electricity. At about 400 VDC this is then converted to the required voltage with the on-board inverters and power converters.

Up To 200kW AC Power

40kg Hydrogen Tank

A large 40 kg storage of Hydrogen is safely built into the MPG trailer giving you ample energy fuel for your mobile power needs.
The latest technology in gas pressure tanks provides efficient safe storage of this renewable fuel.

180kWh Lithium-ion Battery

Part of the success of the MPG is the integrated 180 kWh battery. This provides a powerful and crucial energy reserve that is integral to the high charge capacity. It also forms part of this holistic power source that blends Hydrogen Fuel Cells with batteries and inverters.

SPG Charger

180kW Rapid EV Charger

The MPG can include a rapid EV charge station on the back. With a single or double power outlet you can recharge EVs at super quick speeds (less than 20 min). Includes built-in timing and payment system that allows you to generate revenue.

Use Cases

Construction Site


When you need remote power on a construction site, you can still do this with green Hydrogen energy.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Critical power needs for our emergency services are made carbon-free with minimum noise.

Emergency Services

Security & Safety

Emergencies never happen at convenient times, so having a reliable Hydrogen powered supply is crucial.

Public Events

Public Events

Large power needs are achievable with parallel expandability. EV charging is also possible and food services can be clean and quiet.