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Hydrogen Transport Refueller


Let Renewable Innovations feed your green energy dreams with our HZero Hydrogen Transport Refueler. Our refueler is a unique product in the hydrogen industry. It provides a solution for a large range of hydrogen resupply needs including:

  • 350 and 700 bar refueling for FCEV vehicles

  • Refueling mobile and stationery hydrogen supply tanks

  • Providing a virtual pipeline supply of hydrogen

The on-board compression and chilling equipment is powered by integrated hydrogen fuel cells making the whole unit carbon-free during operation. Being a mobile system allows for delivery in almost all locations and the large hydrogen holding capacity allows for many vehicle refills before a resupply is needed. The combination of high pressure storage and staging tanks allows for cascade filling and so promotes efficient FCEV refilling.

Transport Refueller

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Hydrogen Storage Tanks

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Hydrogen Machinery