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EmPower Rapid EV
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EV charging is a hot topic for many people because of the real energy issues at stake in our business and domestic environments. EV drivers want to recharge their vehicle more quickly to allow longer travel distances without lengthy recharge stops.Many facilities want to provide rapid EV charging but can’t upgrade the power supply because of grid limitations, while some locations have space for a rapid EV charge station but not the finances for upgrades.The Empower Hydrogen Rapid EV Charger offers a viable, carbon-free solution to these EV charging opportunities.

Empower EV Charging Station

The System

Empower Hydrogen EV Charger
Clean Power

Cleaner Power

Built-In Hydrogen – The standard Rapid EV Charge Station has 500 kg (minimum) of integrated Hydrogen storage and this can be upgraded with an additional Hydrogen storage module.

Facility Power – Having this large power source on your property provides the added benefit of a ready-made UPS system or additional power for peak energy demands – you no longer need the diesel generator! This can provide enough power for the store and gasoline pumps for 48 hours.)

Faster Charging

Rapid EV Charging 300-600kW – The powerful fuel cell and battery combination allows for some truly rapid power charging. As vehicle on-board battery sizes increase, rapid charging becomes imperative.

Better Customer Experience – The built-in Smart Charge system provides quick customer connection, identification and EV charge management.

RI EV Charger
Ev Car Charging

Additional Benefits

Quick Installation – As a pre-built solution there is a very quick delivery and installation process. Simply provide a level concrete pad and access for delivery and we can deploy very quickly.

No Additional Utility Power Required – All power to operate is included via the on-board Hydrogen Fuel Cells, battery and inverters.

Rapid Economics – An onsite rapid EV charger also offers additional retail opportunities as the station attracts more customers with lower charging prices, 100% green energy, and super quick charge times.